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HouseKeeping Jobs In Canada For Foreigners | Visa Sponsorship Available

HouseKeeping Jobs In Canada For Foreigners

Are you looking for a housekeeping job in Canada? With its diverse job opportunities, Canada is an attractive destination for foreign workers. There are several housekeeping jobs available in Canada, ranging from entry-level to professional roles.


Housekeeping jobs in Canada involve a variety of tasks, such as cleaning and disinfecting rooms and common areas, vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting and polishing furniture, making beds, replenishing supplies, and carrying out laundry duties. Housekeepers may also be responsible for setting up meeting rooms and banquet halls, maintaining inventory, and providing customer service.

To be eligible for a housekeeping job in Canada, you must have a valid work permit and a valid Social Insurance Number. You must also meet certain language requirements, depending on the province or territory where you will be working. In some cases, employers may require you to have experience in housekeeping or a related field.

When looking for a job in housekeeping in Canada, it is important to research the industry and the job requirements before you apply. You should also prepare a strong resume and cover letter to demonstrate your skills and qualifications. Additionally, you may want to consider taking classes or certification programs to further your education in housekeeping.

Housekeeping jobs in Canada offer a great opportunity to work in a diverse and rewarding industry. With the right qualifications and a willingness to learn, you can make a successful career in housekeeping in Canada.

Benefits Of Working As A HouseKeeper In Canada

There are so many benefits to working in Canada as a housekeeper. Working as a housekeeper in Canada is an excellent job opportunity for foreign workers looking to gain valuable experience and take advantage of the many benefits that Canada has to offer. The benefits of working as a housekeeper varies, depending on the company and job description

Stable and Reliable Income

For starters, working as a housekeeper provides foreign workers with a stable and reliable income, as well as access to a variety of services and benefits such as health insurance, housing, and transportation.


Get Familiar With New Culture

In addition, working as a housekeeper in Canada can provide foreign workers with a chance to experience and learn the culture and customs of the country. This can be a great way to learn a new language, as well as gain insight into the local job market and available opportunities.

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Gain Working Skills

Working as a housekeeper in Canada can be an excellent way to gain employment experience and skills that can be used in other industries. Housekeeping requires knowledge of cleaning and organizing techniques, as well as customer service, which can be transferred to other positions. This can be a great way to gain valuable experience and develop new skills.

List of Housekeeping Jobs In Canada For Foreigners

1. Housekeeping Aide 1: Health Sciences Centre

Do you enjoy cleaning? Are you looking for a position with day shifts? The Home Inn & Suites Yorkton is now hiring a Full-Time Housekeeping Room Attendant.

Salary: $16.73 an hour

Job Type: Full Time


Job Description:

  • Clinical Support
  • Cleaning of the patient care units, residences, cafeterias, offices, laboratories, locker room areas and corridors.
  • Duties/responsibilities may also include keeping entrances free of litter, ice and snow, and assisting with flood cleanup and post-construction cleanup.
  • Uses all equipment and products by Housekeeping procedures, and adheres to all safety and health regulations and safe work practices.

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2. Utility Worker – Housekeeping Services: Nova Scotia Health Authority

Nova Scotia Health Authority is the largest provider of health services in Nova Scotia. They have over 22,000 employees who provide health care and support services in hospitals, health centres and community-based programs throughout Nova Scotia.

Salary: $32.9K–$41.7K

Job Type: Full Time


Job Description:

  • Cleaning, mopping and dusting all areas in the hospital.
  • Other work would include floor care (scrubbing and waxing floors), shampooing of carpets and chairs, waste removal (hazardous waste and regular waste)
  • Chemical spill cleanup, laundry tasks, room set-ups, window cleaning (interior), some salt application during winter months, isolation room cleaning, flood and blood spill clean-ups.

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3. Environmental II – Housekeeping: Alberta Health Services

As an Environmental II, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks associated with intensive or specialized cleaning within a hospital or facility associated with industrial cleaning supplies and using powered industrial equipment.

Salary: $19.67 – $21.50

Job Type: Casual

Job Description:

  • Your typical duties may include operating industrial cleaning equipment for floor maintenance,
  • Thorough washing of ceilings and windows and emptying hazardous waste.
  • You may also provide training/orientation to Environmental staff.

Apply Here

Skills Needed For Housekeeping Jobs In Canada For Foreigners

A housekeeper needs to possess certain abilities to do their work well. These abilities can range from providing excellent customer service to having an eye for detail, and they may change depending on the individual tasks and employer of a housekeeper.

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For instance, a housekeeper employed by a hospital could be required to follow stringent cleanliness regulations to guarantee that patients are in a hygienic setting.

Time management skills:  Cleanings must be completed a certain number of times each day, and housekeepers frequently work alone or in small groups. A crucial talent for housekeepers to have is the ability to effectively manage their time and stick to a schedule so they can finish all cleanings on time. Additionally, they must show up on time for cleaning appointments and complete the cleaning within the client’s specified time range.

Attention to Detail: The ability to pay close attention to detail and cleanliness is essential for housekeeping jobs. It is important to be able to spot and address messes and dirt quickly and efficiently.

Interpersonal Skills:  Housekeepers should be able to interact with guests and other staff in a friendly and professional manner.

Physical Strength: Housekeeping jobs often require lifting, carrying, and pushing heavy furniture and equipment.


Teamwork: Housekeepers need to be able to work collaboratively with other staff members in order to ensure the job is done right and on time.

Knowledge of Cleaning Products and Equipment: Housekeepers must have a basic understanding of the different types of cleaning products and equipment that are used in order to be able to use them effectively.

Organization Skills: Housekeepers must be organized and able to prioritize tasks in order to be able to meet deadlines.

Language Skills: Foreigners must be able to communicate effectively in English or French in order to be able to understand and follow instructions.

Other Skills are:

  • Communication skills:
  • Flexibility:
  • Customer service:
  • Housekeeping hard skills:
  • Refine your organizational skills:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do housekeepers earn in Canada?

The annual salary of $33,150. In Canada, the average annual compensation for a housekeeper is $33,150, or $17 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level employment range from $29,250 per year, with most experienced professionals earning up to $40,950 per year.

Is hotel cleaning professions difficult?

Housekeeping is a physically demanding and extremely exhausting profession. Because the energy required is around 4 kilocalories per minute (4kcal/min), it is categorised as “moderately heavy” to “heavy” work.

Can a housekeeper obtain permanent residency in Canada?

Executive housekeepers (NOC 62021) are the only ones who can apply for permanent residency in Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, which is overseen by the Express Entry system.

What is the legal working age in Canada?

Is there an age limit for Canadian work permits? To get a Canadian work permit, foreign workers must be at least 18 years old. Unless enrolling through the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, there is no limit age for work permit applicants.

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What are the typical hourly rates for housekeepers?

The nationwide hourly pay for house cleaning services ranges from $25 to $90 per person or $50 to $90 per hour. The size and condition of your home will have a significant impact on the cost of these services. The cost of a residential cleaning service is determined by the scope of the cleaning task and any specialist services.

How many rooms ought to be cleaned by a housekeeper each day?

In certain hotels, housekeepers may clean as many as 30 rooms every day, although this is the average. Additionally, they must clean them all in a single eight-hour shift. Therefore, sometimes they still need to knock even if you have a “Do Not Disturb” sign out.

Is housekeeping a rewarding profession?

Yes, cleaning the house is a good task. There are benefits and drawbacks to take into account for each job path, and housekeeping is no different. For people looking to work full- or part-time for extra money, becoming a housekeeper is an excellent career choice.


The upkeep of cleanliness in both public and private institutions is largely the responsibility of housekeepers. An efficient and productive housekeeper possesses several crucial abilities, including attention to detail and organizational abilities.

It is possible for foreigners to get housekeeping jobs in Canada, although it can be a competitive field. While it is possible to find housekeeping jobs without Canadian experience, it is important for individuals to research the industry, look for job postings, and build up a strong resume before applying for housekeeping jobs.

Additionally, it is helpful to have a valid work permit and knowledge of the Canadian workplace culture. With the right preparation and perseverance, it is possible for foreigners to secure a housekeeping job in Canada.


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