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How To Apply For Canadian Scholarships Online As International Student – 7 Ultimate Steps

How To Apply For Canadian Scholarships Online As International Student

After checking out the list of Fully & Partially Funded Canadian Scholarships & Bursary Opportunities, it is in the best interest to outline the steps on how to apply for a Canadian scholarship or grant online. The opportunities for international students in Canada are quite numerous as the students enjoy fair tuition fees, the education is of high quality, and the level of assistance provided to students is amazing. In Canada, there are numerous scholarships and bursaries.

Why Getting A Scholarship To Study In Canada As An International Student?

Oftentimes, when students at the high school level are asked about their plans for tertiary education, their responses are usually aimed at studying in of the best universities abroad which Canada has some them. This is a viable dream and as well realistic but then the question is asked why study abroad? Most answers will be because of the facilities, educational quality, and advance technology, the qualification of tutors, the prestige and basically the approval for various employment opportunities.

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Although, some of these students are able to realize their dreams of an international education. While due to certain difficulties some of the students who dream of studying abroad have to limit their thinking to their financial capacity. The unavailability of funds has made it impossible for some students to continue their education abroad and this has been a major setback.

Consequently, some countries, organizations, companies, foundations, have created opportunities for students to actualize their dreams of an international education through international scholarships and loan programs.

Canadian Scholarships For International Students

An International scholarship is a type of financial aid or financial assistance awarded by a student by Colleges, Foundations, governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations. These scholarships come in a form of a full tuition fee waiver and a coverage of some other expenses or a partial fee waiver. International scholarships are common in the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway Finland, China, Ukraine, India, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, and many other countries. However, the crux of this article is Canada

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Canada is located in North America and it is one of the countries prevalent in scholarships for international students. The procedure for Canadian scholarship is not quite strenuous and with interest, it is achievable.

Literally, it is one of the countries students patronize for international scholarships. A student is opportune to meet and relate with people from different parts of the world, and as a result, applying for a Canadian scholarship will expose you to new cultures, a good and serene environment which is quite intriguing to a student. How then do you apply for a Canadian scholarship?

Apply For Canadian Scholarships Online
Apply For Canadian Scholarships Online

How To Apply For Scholarships In Canada Online As International Student

  1. Check for your school of choice: Do an extensive research on the colleges offering scholarships, this information can be found on google scholar, college websites,, social media and other online platforms
  2. Sign up with the school on their college website: At this stage you will be required to submit brief information about you as well as your email and telephone for effective communication.
  3. Follow the process of admission on the college application portal of the college you signed up
  4. Write the required proficiency tests that for the scholarship: This can be found during your selection on the college website for the particular choice and course of study. It ranges depending on the kind of program you are applying for either Doctorate degree, MBA, MSc, and undergraduate programs.
  5. You will be assigned to an officer who will be managing and monitoring you pending the period of application and will guide you through telephone calls and emails during the period. You will also be informed of the date of the school’s resumption could be summer winter or spring depending on your choice.
  6. You prepare and submit your official documents required for the scholarship: you ensure they are valid and credible, don’t present false documents or invalid documents otherwise your application will be rejected.
  7. As an applicant you must also be certified healthy before you can study in Canada, it is required you go through various medical tests basically a general screening as well as vaccination against the corona virus.
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You should also note that during your application you meet the eligibility criteria. Every institution has a criteria for their scholarships and if you fall short it will reduce your chances of getting a scholarship award.

Also Canadian scholarships can come in different forms; It could be a full waiver of your tuition and could be a partial waiver of your tuition. Some Canadian scholarships are not limited to academic eligibility, some scholarships may be for athlete (Foot Locker Scholar Athletes), are also hostels available to students outside campus and affordable. It’s a requirement that you have no criminal record if you are applying for scholarship in Canada. You should ensure you have the required G.P.A to maintain scholarship, there are scholarships for international students on student visa.

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