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The Complete Guide on How To Relocate To Canada Legally

Its the desire of many Nigerians to relocate to a different Country to start a new life regardless of the challenges they might face. Many people need the complete guide on how to relocate to Canada legally, especially if they are not happy in their country of residence. Many people wish to relocate to Canada and often wonder if they can do it legally. Canada is a fantastic location to live, and many people want to relocate there. Not only is the nation lovely and full of wonderful prospects, but everyone can earn a career while enjoying their new home. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before you begin packing your belongings. This article will walk you through the steps you need to follow to lawfully reside and work in Canada. So, what are the requirements for becoming a permanent resident in Canada?

The Complete Guide on How To Relocate To Canada Legally

The Requirements Needed To Become a Permanent Resident in Canada

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The First thing that would be discussed on the complete guide on how to relocate to Canada legally is the requirements needed to become a permanent resident in Canada. Although, becoming a permanent resident in Canada is not as simple as one might imagine as there are several standards that must be met must becoming a permanent resident. Below is a list of the necessary requirments:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be a lawful Canadian resident.
  • Before applying for citizenship, you must have resided in Canada for at least three years out of the previous five.
  • During these three years, you must have spent at least 183 days in Canada in each calendar year.
  • If you are married and live with your spouse, they must also satisfy these conditions.
  • If you are not married and live with your spouse, they must also satisfy these conditions to immigrate with you.
  • You can stay outside of Canada for up to four years without breaking the three-year rule.

If you meet some or all of these conditions, you will be able to become a permanent resident of Canada.

How To Apply For Your Residency in Canada

The Next thing is to apply for your residency in Canada. So, how do you get started with your Canadian residence application? Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have eased the application procedure for Canadian residents. There are several ways to apply for residence in Canada. The most important are:

  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
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Express Entry

Express Entry is a method that allows persons to apply for permanent residency in Canada. It is an online system that ranks candidates based on their points using an algorithm. The Express Entry method has taken the place of the previous paper-based approach, which was more time-consuming and did not include a ranking system. To rank candidates, the Express Entry Method employs a point-based system. Points are divided into three categories: core, skill, and language. To be ranked in the Express Entry pool, applicants must achieve the minimum standards for each category. Applicants must have at least 67 points to be considered for the Express Entry program. Core points are determined by criteria such as age and education level, whereas language skills are determined by characteristics such as English or French language competency and job experience.

Provincial Nominee Program

For persons wishing to relocate to Canada, the Provincial Nominee Program provides an alternative. It enables provincial governments to propose individuals for permanent residence in Canada. If you are a skilled worker, have business experience, or are an international student who has finished your studies in Canada and fits the requirements of that province’s immigration procedures, you can apply through the Provincial Nominee Program. Those who have a job offer from a firm in that province are also eligible for the program. The following qualifying standards must be met by the applicant:

  • The candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • After arriving in Canada, the applicant must have adequate money and resources to support themselves and their family members.
  • The candidate must be fluent in English or French or demonstrate a desire to learn one of these languages.
  • The applicant must fulfil the provincial and territory governments’ minimum criteria.

Quebec Worker Program

The Quebec skilled worker program is a point-based system that considers age, education, job experience, language skills, and other characteristics. If you are chosen, you will be able to immigrate to Canada under the Quebec-selected skilled worker program. If you meet the following requirements, you will be able to immigrate under this program:

  • You must be a qualified worker who has been chosen by Quebec.
  • You must have at least one year of continuous full-time work experience in a profession that falls into one of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill levels 0, A, or B in the previous five years.
  • You must be able to speak in either English or French and not need an interpreter at any point during the application process.
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Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is a government-created program that allows individuals with the necessary skills, education, and job experience to come to Canada. The CEC program allows candidates to immigrate based on their aptitude rather than their family connections or refugee status. The CEC program was launched in 2008 in response to Canada’s commitment under the World Trade Organization Agreement on Temporary Entry for Business Persons. The purpose of this agreement was to allow qualified employees from low-immigration nations to enter Canada without going through onerous immigration procedures.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Canada, and How Can You Save Money on Immigration Fees?

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The cost of immigration fees varies depending on the country and visa type. A Canadian immigration application costs $550 (CAD 701), but processing might take up to six months. The cost of immigration is determined by the type of immigration process you pick. The price of migrating to Canada as a skilled worker or foreign student will be greater than if you were a refugee. The Canadian government has established an immigration fee schedule with varied rates for various sorts of applicants, and in some situations, additional fees must be paid. In addition, the Canadian government has established a list of exclusions and reductions for specific sorts of applicants. Refugees, for example, may not have to pay any fees at all, and they may also be eligible for savings on other expenses.

You may save money on immigration costs by doing the following:

  • Before you move to Canada, apply for a study permit.
  • Before you move to Canada, apply for a work visa.
  • Determine whether you are eligible for any exemptions or discounts.
  • Bring your spouse and/or relatives to Canada.

There are more ways to save money on immigration costs, but these are the most common. You’ve learned about the procedures and costs of relocating to Canada, and one term sticks out: ‘Working in Canada.’ But how do you go about doing it?

How To Relocate To Canada Legally

How to Work in Canada Legally: Taxes and Permits

It should be noted that there are numerous methods to work in Canada without documents, but the most popular is with a work permit. Before they may begin working, all foreign workers in Canada must get a work permit from the Canadian government. If you are not yet in Canada, or if you are currently in Canada and wish to change companies, you must apply for a work visa. You can easily register for the permit at an embassy or travelling agency in your country. To be eligible for a work permit, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Presently live in Canada.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • The appropriate credentials for the job you are applying for.
  • Provide evidence of your education, skills and work experience.
  • Meet specific language requirements.
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Working in Canada without a permit is unlawful, and there are some limits on the type of employment you can undertake. You cannot be paid in cash, and if your company does not have a payroll account, they will be responsible for paying your taxes. Canada has restrictions governing how much money a foreign worker may earn before having to pay taxes. If you earn more than CAD 10,000 per year, your employer is required to deduct and remit tax from your payment on time.

Some Benefits of Living in Canada

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world, with a good standard of living. Canadians benefit from the following:

  • A clean, safe environment
  • Low crime rate.
  • A high level of living that includes free healthcare and education.
  • A robust economy with lower income disparity than many other countries.
  • Natural resources such as water, oil, gas, and minerals are available.

Final Note

Canada is a lovely country with several chances. For the previous seven years, it has been recognized as the finest country to live in. The cost of living is likewise low, and the level of living is good. It may appear tough to relocate to Canada, but it is not impossible. This post can assist you if you are seeking ways to legally and quickly immigrate to Canada. This article addresses many ways to legally and quickly immigrate to Canada. We’ve also gone over the processes involved in the process so you know what’s required of you before applying for immigration.

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