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10 Tuition Free Institutions in Germany for International Students

Just so you know, studying in any of Germany’s public universities would be one of the best decisions you can make for your future. Aside from the fact that most institutions in Germany are tuition free for international students, there are limitless opportunities that would give your career a power boost while enhancing you academically as well. however, these tuition free institutions usually require students to pay a stipulated semester fee which is very cheap,  you don’t have to break a bank to attend.

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International students that are looking to study in abroad at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels should put Germany on top of their list, as they get to learn in prestigious institution paying just the semester fee, although, not all post graduate degrees are tuition free, most of them would require tuition fees which are relatively cheap.

10 Tuition Free Institutions in Germany for International Students

Here is the List of Tuition Free Institutions for International Students

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is a tuition free public institution where international students can get their bachelors and masters has become one of the largest public higher education institution in Germany with over 50,000 students density of which 17% come from other parts of the world. LMU has a wide range of courses across her 20 faculties, these programs includes: Medicine, Economics, History, Law, Language and Literature, all their programs are considered as some of the best in the world. Ludwig Maximillian University is situated at the heart of Munich, and is dedicated to delivering education of international standards.

Humboldt University of Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin is a tuition free institution located in Berlin, Germany accepts international students at both graduate and undergraduate levels. This tuition free public institution have enrolled nothing less than 30,000 students locally and internationally into its various degree courses. This courses are delivered with standard knowledge and topnotch equipment necessary to aid learning. The various fields include arts, natural science and humanities divided across 9 faculties. These are Law, Mathematics & Natural Science, Life Science, Philosophy (I & II), Humanities & Social Science, Theology, and Economics & Business. international students represent 18% of the students body.

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University of Stuttgart

University of Stuttgart is well known per excellence, it is a free tuition university that international students flock to study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With a wide range of academic degrees in fields of Engineering particularly in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering, this tuition free university is ranked among the best engineering institutions worldwide. The school offers tuition-free education except for a few mandatory fees charge per student, which is not tuition fee. Currently, the university’s student population is around 27,000 students enrolled in around 150 different academic degrees and program.

Tuition Free Institutions in Germany for International Students

The Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin as the name implies is a tuition free institution that International students can attend, it is one of the best institution in Germany and over the years have enrolled well over 35,000 students with nothing less than 22% of International students. The university is well known internationally and offer free tuition program for International students, it is however requires a total of $313 to cover registration fee, student union, transport tickets and student support services. This free institution offers certifications in various degrees such as Biology & Chemistry, Earth Sciences, History & Cultural Studies, Law, Business & Economics, Mathematics & Computer Science, Education & Psychology, Philosophy & Humanities, Physics, Political & Social Science, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine.

Technical University of Munich

With expertise in STEM fields, this university welcomes thousands of eager international students every year. This university is based in Munich, with campuses on Garching and Freising-Weihenstephan, Heilbronn, SingaporeTUM or TU Munich. It is one of the cheapest universities in Germany for international students. As a technical university, TUM specializes in the studies of Architecture, Aerospace, Engineering, Chemistry, Informatics, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, Sports & Health Science, Education, Governance, Management, and Life Science. Like most public universities, this free university in Germany draws funding from public money to deliver its services to its 32,000+ students a third of which come from abroad. Although TUM does not collect tuition, students will need to pay a semester fee ranging from 62 Euros (in Straubing) to 144.40 Euros (in Munich, Weihenstephan, and Garching).

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University of Cologne

The University of Cologne is the next on our list of tuition free institutions for international students, this public university is home to a large number of students approximately 35,000 of which 18% are international students. The University of Cologne presently run about six different faculties namely: Arts, and Humanities, Social Science, Mathematics, Law, Medicine and others, and Just like every other Public higher education institutions in Germany, University of Cologne is tuition free, however, a sum of 500 Euros is required of every student annually to cover administration fees, public transport, student support service and other pass charges

University of Hamburg

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The University of Hamburg was established since 1919 and has so far educated thousands of scholars, producing prominent people around the world and has enriched lives through her graduands. The university is considered one of the best schools in German for international students to study and has an endowment of over 600 million euros. The University of Hamburg is known as the largest research and training institution in northern Germany and as so, it offers a wide range of courses for its students, combined with outstanding research.

University of Bonn

University of Bonn is another tuition free German public institution open to international students. The university runs 7 different faculties with about 200 degree programs and of the over 35,000 students admitted, 13% are from other countries. It offers program of study in Law and Economics, Medicine, Mathematics, Agriculture, Natural Science, Catholic Theology, and Protestant Theology. Being a tuition free university, all students are required to pay administration fee and free public transportation and this cost about 300 Euro, The university is formally referred to as the Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn.

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10 Tuition Free Institutions In Germany for International Students

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, popularly known as KIT is a public research university and it is among the cheapest universities in Germany. This Institute is one of largest educational and research institutions, by funding in Germany. You will be able to find educational courses across eleven different faculties where, currently, over 25,000 students are pursuing their qualifications. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology offer more than 100 study courses in natural and engineering sciences, economics, humanities, social sciences and teaching. KIT is one of the universities in Baden-Wurttemberg. So, international students from non EU countries will have to pay tuition fees. However, there are few exemptions to this rule.

Darmstadt University of Technology (TU Darmstadt)

This university is also one of the leading universities in Germany and international students have found a particular interest in the expertise this university offers. This prestigious university gathers over 21,000 students across more than 100 different courses of study. At TU Darmstadt students get to be part of a diverse community which encourages participation and inclusion in extracurricular activities, so students get to socialize, enhance particular skills, and stay active. The school, so far, has grown to become one of the leading universities in both Germany and even Europe at large.

On a Final note, all the Public Institution in Germany with no tuition are funded by German government. However every student is required to pay a certain amount to cover the expense while attending the school, this mandatory fee varies from one another depending on the policy of each University. Undoubtedly, Germany is a dream study destination for every international student. Needless to say that gaining Admission to any of these tuition free institution is like winning a jackpot, the benefits are limitless, you just have to find a location of your choice and apply!

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