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10 Most Affordable Accredited Online Degrees and Colleges

Best Affordable Online MBA Programs In The World

Nowadays, Students are on the lookout for the most affordable accredited online degrees and colleges to foster their education. To this effect, most colleges and universities have offered affordable online degrees in various fields at each level of study to assist students in getting their desired  degrees without having to break the bank. Taking an online degree in any accredited institution is rampant because it helps cut down costs of living, increase savings, reduce stress and helps an individual make money while learning, which is part of the missions of most affordable accredited online colleges to offer best online degrees. They do this by offering online programs at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, however, while most of this affordable accredited online colleges and degrees have same tuition fee rate, their prices varies from one another, even some of the best online universities in the world run free online colleges.

In this article, we list most affordable accredited online colleges and degrees:

Bellevue University

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Bellevue University is the first on our list of most affordable accredited online colleges and degrees. BU was established in 1966 as a nonprofit private institution that is committed to offering adults and students the avenue to experience learning first hand like on campus students to help them thrive in their career. Bellevue University runs over 80 career based online degrees that can be studied at your pace.

Some of the online degrees program offered by the school include: Master’s in Science and Information Technology, Bachelor’s in Healthcare, Human Services, and Psychology, Associate in Public Service, Safety, Security & Intelligence. The university’s affordable education for online learners spans impactful undergraduate and graduate programs. These offerings are available for every step of a student’s career at low tuition costs.

Eastern Florida State College

Eastern Florida State College is an affordable accredited college that offer online degrees to students. Eastern Florida State College is a public college located in Brevard County and is a member of the Florida College System. This affordable accredited online college is open to a wide range of people and they offer standard learning opportunities that are fashioned to cater for each individual needs. This school was one of the first community colleges in the Florida to offer affordable accredited  degree online. It is also one of the leading state colleges for quality instruction, organization, and innovative, cuttung-edge programs.

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Eastern Florida State offers on-campus and online options for Bachelor’s Degrees in Associate in Science Degrees (A.S. Degree), Associate in Arts Degree (A.A. Degree)College Credit Certificates (C.C.C.), Advanced Technical Certificates (A.T.C.) and Some of the online undergraduate degrees offered by the school include;Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Science Teacher Education, Bachelor of Science, Applied Health Sciences, Computer Information Systems Technology, Organizational Management.

University Of the People

University of the people is also one of our pick for the cheapest accredited online degrees, it is considered as the first non-profit, online education college. As a private, American-accredited,affordable online university, the school’s mission is to expand access to higher education for students globally. Currently, the school admits nothing less than  75,000 students, and the tuition is $1,200

UoPeople also run best online bachelor degree programs in Computer Science, Business Administration, Health Science, and Education. It also collaborates with top universities worldwide to holds accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).Some of the online programs offered by this affordable accredited college are : Business Administration (MBA), Computer Science, BS and AS, Health Science, BS and AS Education, (M.Ed.) The school is fully online so that students can have flexible study hours and take classes based on their schedules

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University is the next on our list of affordable accredited online degrees, FAU through its online programs offers excellent and accessible undergraduate and graduate education to its online student. As a public research college renowned for its broad online degree programs, Florida Atlantic University is internationally recognised for its expertise and contributions to research and creativity. And they promote a healthy culture that supports students who study online degrees by encouraging flexible mode of study and providing different tools to encourage them.

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FAU offers students affordable accredited online degrees in over 150  online degrees. Some of the online degrees offered by the school include: Accounting B.B.A., B.S., Anthropology B.A., Architecture B.Arch, MS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, MS in Biological Sciences.

Aspen University

Aspen University was founded in 1987  to run affordable online degrees with a goal of helping students achieve career success without worrying about high tuition price. This affordable institution was accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. with a tuition of $5,110, the offer bachelor’s, master’s and phd degrees and allows students to register for certificate degrees so as to get in-demand skills needed for employment.

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Aspen University is a private, non-profit, distance-learning college that has created affordable accredited online degrees and payment plans with transparent pricing which help more students access higher education. Some of the online degrees offered by the school include:MS in Nursing (MSN), BS in Nursing (Pre-Licensure), BS in Early Childhood Studies, BS in Business Administration.

Most Affordable Accredited Online Degrees and Colleges
Most Affordable Accredited Online Degrees and Colleges

Tennessee State University, USA

Tennessee State University is the next on our list of cheapest accredited online degree institution, with an annual tuition fee of $4,200, TSU runs 18 different courses on its online bachelors degree programs in fields of sociology, urban studies, and professional studies across various courses. They have been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, bachelors degree, master’s, education specialist, and doctoral degrees. Although also run a physical campus, they are another great option for affordable  online degrees!

Georgia Southwestern State University, USA

Georgia southwestern state university is also one of the most affordable accredited online college that offers online degrees with an annual tuition of $5,970, and GSW’s online degrees have constantly be rated for its high standards.  They work tirelessly to provide collaborative assignments and opportunities to connect digitally with classmates and community professionals. Also, they are committed to making the study process seamless and flexible enough to suit the categories of students that offer these online program. Georgia Southwestern State University is also one of the best online universities in usa

University of North Alabama

The University of North Alabama now includes nine online bachelor’s degrees. Included among the specialized resources for distance students: a writing center with spring, fall, June & July sessions available; a library that aligns online and in-person academic support; Canvas resources; and advising services. The University of North Alabama asks online students, in-state or not, to pay a tuition of $277. To keep up to date in its techniques and missions as a distance-learning institution, the school maintains membership in the electronic campus.

Great Basin College

Great Basin College is another affordable accredited  online degree located in Elko, Nevada. This affordable institution has an history of catering for the needs of its community and economy, it was accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and it runs the most affordable online associate and bachelor’s degree programs. Great Basin college offers 21 associate degrees, 10 bachelor’s degrees, and 19 certificate programs to online students.

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Fully online programs include associate degrees in Associates of Arts, Business, English, Social Science, Graphic Communications and Early Childhood Education, Associate of Applied Science degrees, and online bachelor’s degree programs including a BA in English, BA in Social Science, BSN in Nursing (RN to BSN), and BAS degrees in Digital Information Technology Emphasis, Human Services, Land Surveying/Geomatics Emphasis, and Management and Supervision.GBC currently has about 4,000 students enrolled annually online. Popular majors include Liberal Arts, Nursing, Science Technologies, Teacher Education, and Electronics Engineering.

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Columbus State University

CSU located in Columbus, Georgia is an affordable accredited online degree college with nine bachelor’s. Over the years, Columbus State University has established a strong online community that virtually assists students who need advising, transfer assistance, and other forms of guidance. The tuition is $243 per semester hour, and it is the last on our list of affordable accredited online degrees.

Online study at Columbus State University grows more student-friendly and maintains a technological edge to keep support viable. For instance, the school has established “SmarterMeasure Assessment,” which tests strengths and tendencies among future undergraduates. From this basic courses, “eCore,” we’re derived and provide further structure to distance learners.

In Conclusion

Registering to study in your online degree in any of the online universities is not a bad decision to make, it saves a lot of time and energy, and the institutions listed above also considers this feature for ease. So if you have decided to kick start your career, you can take these 3 steps:

  • Decide on the subject that you want to study.
  • Research online schools until you find the most suitable learning solution. Take into account cost, accreditation, learning method, flexibility and reputation.
  • Research scholarships. You may be entitled to a scholarship to help you with the cost of your studies.

As easy as it can be to find institutions that offer affordable accredited online degrees, you might not find it easy to attend to your classes as it requires a certain level of diligence which might not be easy. In essence, having the zeal to compete your studies is not enough because getting a degree online /offline is tasking, so for you to see it through to the end, be ready to dedicate your time so as to get the best out of what you are being offered. Good luck!

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