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10 Cheapest Universities In Poland for International Students

Poland is home to over 300 universities that constantly deliver standard and quality education. In line with this, some of these institutions are relatively cheap for International students who want to study at various levels of education. As a result of Poland zeal in the pursuit of a world-class education system, it has seen some major changes in her education system in recent years, and many of these universities tend to follow the traditional model of teaching and research in a wide range of disciplines. Poland universities run more than 800 programs that are only taught in English. In this article, we provide a list of universities that offer a high-quality educational experience for the cheapest tuition fees for international students.

10 Cheapest Universities for International Students

Warsaw University of Technology

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The Warsaw University of Technology is a fore-runner university of technology in Poland that is cheap for international students. Warsaw University is located in the capital of Warsaw where its main campus operates and runs another branch in Plock. The University is a part of the largest technology institutions in Europe. It has well over 30,000 students, 19 major faculties and about 30 various fields of study offered by the students at various levels, however, all of their programs centers on the fields of science and technology. Aside from the cheap tuition fees estimated at about EUR 450, it is recommended for international students interested in this field because of its connections with the high-tech industrial market, and international collaborations.

University of Gdansk

The University of Gdansk is a public university with great academic potentials that attracts a large number of international students, aside from being on this list of the cheapest university for international students, it offers outstanding courses in the fields of diplomacy, chemical business, application of informatics, and neurobiopsychology that you can’t find in other institutions. The estimated tuition fee is EUR 3500.

The University is  located in the city of Gdansk in northern Poland  a student enrolment of over 30,000 students who study from undergraduate to postgraduate doctoral level. A range of disciplines is offered, of which the most prominent include law, social sciences, biology and biotechnology, quantum physics, economics, and oceanography. Up to 80 different fields are offered, with over 200 specializations.

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AGH University of Science and Technology

The next university on our list of the cheapest universities for international students is the AGH university of science and technology that was founded in 1919 in Krakow Poland. The University started with only courses in mining and metallurgy but more programs were added over the years. With 16 faculties, this cheapest university offer different program in the Faculty of Mining and Geo engineering, Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics, Faculty of Humanities, and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics and the tuition fee for Undergraduate Programs ranges from 1000 EUR ($1,200 USD) to 2,100 EUR ($2,500 USD) per academic year. The AGH University of Science and Technology teaches courses in Polish and English for local and international students.

University of Wroclaw

The University of Wroclaw is another cheapest university in Poland for international students, and it is part of the largest universities in the central-Europeans region with nothing less than 25,000 students.

The University is composed of 10 faculties, and offers various programs in at the level of bachelor’s and master’s programs in both English and Polish The estimated Undergraduate Tuition Fees starts from €3,300 (USD $3,600) Per Year while the graduate Tuition Fee is €2,900 (USD $3,200) Per Year.

The University of Wroclaw is a public research university that was established in 1945, although its founding can be traced back to the early 18th century. Located in the stunning city of Wroclaw. However, English is also used as a language for the benefit of international students, although this applies only to a few courses. Intensive language training in Polish is offered. All degree levels are offered from undergraduate to doctoral research as well as short-term courses for exchange courses.

Silesian University of Technology

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The next school on our list of cheapest school for international students in Poland is the Silesian university of technology that was founded in 1945. The school is made up of a total of 13 faculties, 1 college and I science laboratory. The University that is located in the city of Gliwice runs over 50 programs with over 200 specializations. The Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Program is estimated to be around 900 EUR ($1,100 USD) to 1,700 EUR ($2,000 USD) for a semester and estimated at 900 EUR to 4000 EUR (4,700 USD) for their graduate courses. In addition to its engineering and technology-based programs, the Silesian University of Technology also offers programs in business analytics, administration, sociology, and project management.

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Jagiellonian University

The Jagiellonian University is one of the popular universities that we consider to be affordable for international students, it is well known for is research ability. The main campus is located in Krakow while others are in different locations. 

The University is made up of 15 major faculties across humanities, social science, medicine, natural science and law with over 35,000 student registered for these courses. Although, the main language of teaching is Polish, and extra courses are taught in German and English. With its longstanding history and reputation, the Jagiellonian has ranked as one of the best universities in the country as well as the top 400 universities in the world.

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

The next university on our list of cheapest university in Poland for International students is Adam Mickiewicz University poznan, this university gives an avenue for international students who want to study in English, German or polish. With the tuition fee estimate of 6,000 PLN for both graduate and undergraduate programs. These programs are divided across 5 research institutes with 20 faculties and a doctoral school. 

Four Nobel Laureates are among the university’s elite alumni, including honorary members such as Javier Solana and Pope John Paul II, an outstanding achievement for this cheap university in Poland. The academic composition consists of 6 main academic units that are organized into twenty faculties and one doctoral graduate school. Collectively, more than 80 degrees of study are offered to the students.

Kielce University of Technology

This cheap university for international students in Poland is among the forerunners in the scientific discipline in the swietokrzyskie region, and the tuition fee for undergraduate programs ranges from 600 EUR to 1,ooo EUR for one semester, this is the same with their graduate programs.

Kielce University of Technology has 5 distinct faculties that runs programs in various disciplines like the civil engineering, renewable energy resources, energy engineering, computer science, architecture and so on, there are about 19 fields of study. Aside from their academics, students of the university can also join student organizations and clubs that enhance their skills and knowledge. These organizations and clubs include IMPULS TEAM, KLAKSON, AIESEC, and Academic Sports Clubs.

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University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw made it to this list of cheapest universities in Poland for international students because their tuition fee starts from EUR 2,500. The university offers well over 50,000 students with programs in over 45 fields of study majorly in areas of humanities, natural science and social sciences. University of Warsaw through it’s exchange program also admits students from all over the world each year. predominantly in the fields with its high prowess in academics and research, it comes as no surprise that the university is among the topmost institutions in the country.

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Opole University

The last university on our list is Opole University, this university is also one of the cheapest in Poland for international student. Opole university has a wide range of programs in various disciplines that international students can choose from. And the tuition is inexpensive, the range of undergraduates programs is estimated around 5,000 PLN ($1,400 USD) for the whole academic session and the Graduate Programs: 5,000 PLN ($1,400 USD) per academic year. The university offers several Bachelor’s degree programs, including English Philosophy, International Business, and Spatial Management, among others. On the other hand, the Master’s degree programs of the university include Liberal Arts, Intercultural Communication, and Sustainable Development.

In Conclusion

Poland has more than just an outstanding reputation of higher education to offer students, International students that choose to study in Poland have more than a good education to gain. Low cost of living, comfortable and explorable beautiful scenery as well as universities that offer English language course You will also have the unique opportunity of meeting outstanding specialists and renowned intellectuals in your chosen field. International students have the right to work (part-time) when enrolled in a Polish institution. This is restrained only to a specific number of hours per week, which is usually around 20 hours per week depending on the visa regulations.

There are only two basic requirements for studying in Poland. The candidate must have a high school diploma, and he/she must be able to prove their proficiency in the language that they want to study. Aside from Polish, there are programs being taught in German, English, and French. For example, for French, you might need to take the DEFL exam.

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