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What Do Consumer Durables Jobs Pay? (In 2024)

What Do Consumer Durables Jobs Pay

What are Consumer Durables?

Before diving into the main part of the article on what do consumer durables jobs pay? A brief insight into consumer durables is pertinent.

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There is a subset of consumer goods known as consumer durables that do not need to be replaced as frequently as other consumer goods because of the length of time that they remain useable. Durable goods, to economists, are those that last for multiple uses rather than being consumed in a single application. Bricks, for example, are thought to be perfectly durable because they should never wear out. Because they can be used for many years without being replaced, durable products are highly sought after. For this reason, consumer durable jobs are reliable and secure. So what do consumer durables jobs pay?

What Types of Jobs Are Available In The Consumer Durables Industry?

The first step in knowing what consumer durables jobs pay is to explain the types of jobs available in the industry.

There are a variety of jobs available in the consumer durables industry, ranging from production and assembly line workers to sales and marketing professionals. Companies in this industry typically produce goods that are intended for personal or household use, such as appliances, electronics, furniture, and sporting goods. As such, many of the jobs in this sector require an understanding of how to manufacture and sell these types of products.

Production workers in the consumer durables industry are responsible for assembling the various components of the products that are being manufactured. These workers typically work on an assembly line and must be able to follow instructions carefully to ensure that the products they are working on meeting all quality standards. In addition to production workers, several other jobs are essential to the manufacturing process, such as quality control inspectors and engineers.

Sales and marketing professionals in the consumer durables industry are responsible for generating interest in the products that their company produces. They do this by developing marketing campaigns and strategies that will reach potential customers. In addition, sales and marketing professionals may also be responsible for managing a team of salespeople who are responsible for actually selling the products to consumers.

Several other jobs are available in the consumer durables industry, such as human resources and finance positions. These types of jobs are important to the overall operation of a company, but they may not have much direct interaction with the production or sale of consumer goods.

List of Jobs In The Consumer Durables Industry

What Do Consumer Durables Jobs Pay
What Do Consumer Durables Jobs Pay
  1. Product manager
  2. Brand manager
  3. Sales manager
  4. Marketing manager
  5. Category manager
  6. Channel manager
  7. Retailer account manager
  8. Business development manager
  9. Key account manager
  10. Head of e-commerce
  11. Customer insights director
  12. Head of product marketing
  13. Trade marketing director
  14. Digital marketing director
  15. PR and communications director
  16. Design director
  17. Engineering director
  18. Operations director
  19. Finance director
  20. HR director21. IT director
  21. Supply chain director
  22. Sustainability director
  23. General counsel
  24. Company secretary
  25. Board member
  26. Non-executive director
  27. CEO
  28. COO
  29. CFO
  30. Chief creative officer
  31. Chief digital officer
  32. President
  33. Vice president
  34. Executive vice president
  35. Senior vice president
  36. Managing director
  37. Group managing director
  38. Regional manager
  39. Country manager
  40. Product development
  41. Design and engineering
  42. Marketing and communications
  43. Sales and account management
    45 Retail operations
    46 Supply chain and logistics
    47 Sustainability
    48 Human resources

What Do Consumer Durables Jobs Pay?

Now, what do consumer durables jobs pay? Honestly, there is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on several factors, including the specific job role, the employer, and the geographical location. However, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for workers in the category of ‘consumer durables’ was $33,860 in May 2016.

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This means that half of all workers in this category earned more than this amount and half earned less. Wages will also vary depending on experience, qualifications, and other factors.

In general, jobs in the consumer durables sector tend to pay relatively well.  This is because the products that fall into this category are generally expensive items which require a significant amount of money to purchase. As such, employers are often willing to pay workers more to get the best possible staff to work in this area. There are many different types of consumer durables jobs available, so there is a wide range of salaries on offer.

If you are considering pursuing a career in this field, then it is important to research the specific job role that you are interested in and find out what the average salary for that position is. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to earn if you are successful in securing a job in the consumer durables sector.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

Next, our article on what consumer durables jobs pay explains the best paying job roles in the consumer durables field. The consumer durables field has high-paying jobs, and they are similar to the paying jobs in consumer nondurables. Continue reading to find the best-paying job roles in consumer durables.

Senior Executive:

A senior executive is one of the highest-paying positions in consumer durables. Despite how lucrative the job may be, it still calls for considerable skill and effort. In this position, credentials, knowledge, and a desire to promote products and increase sales are the important skills you must possess. Being mindful that having the requirements without the ability to market the business’s goods or brand to increase sales is useless. The three are required.

You will be viewed and regarded as a leader or prominent figure within the organization as a senior executive officer. The senior executive’s decision-making is not limited to what is best for the organization’s development and success. He applies them equally.

You should be aware that just because a senior executive position at a company pays well doesn’t necessarily equate to luxury. It comes with tiresome roles and obligations. Creating strategies for product marketing, advertising, and launch planning is one of them. Senior executives must assess projects using input and pertinent KPIs from both new and current customers. A senior executive in consumer durables is expected to perform these tasks among others.

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In the best consumer goods companies, a senior executive’s average yearly salary can reach $1,000,000 and includes several benefits.

Business Analysts:

Similarly, the role of a business analyst is another high-paying one in the consumer durables industry. Analysts in the consumer durables industry typically hold master’s degrees or even doctorates to perform their duties competently and expertly. On the other hand, this is not necessary. Those who choose this line of work use data analysis to identify weak points in an organization’s operations and work to improve them. The company analyst frequently works with workers at all levels of the company to share their findings.
It’s worth stressing here that experience in certain fields is required for any analyst position within a company. You can learn data analysis in a short amount of time.

Human Resource Managers:

Human resource managers are an essential part of any high-paying consumer durables industry.
Aside from the obvious financial benefits, this position also comes with a high degree of prestige. Managers of human resources (HR) are responsible, in part, for the efficient and effective planning, organization, and management of the business’s back-office processes.

The person in this position is responsible for conducting interviews, screening applicants, and ultimately hiring new employees. As part of the process of putting an idea into action, they also confer with upper management.

Product Manager :

The position of a product manager is another high-paying position in consumer durables. Working with the key employees in the stores is frequently difficult. To create a viable, pertinent, and valuable product, product managers must essentially design knowledge and connect corporate strategy with consumer demands. Just picture yourself managing projects for Samsung or LG. Despite earning high salaries, you’ll stay in shape.

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Nevertheless, a product manager must also improve a product to meet the needs of both the target market and corporate objectives. The task that comes with this job is enormous and mind-boggling, even though it is lucrative and money-focused. An additional priority for a project manager is maximizing return on investment. These factors, along with several others, make project managers the best-paying position in the consumer durables industry.

Consumer Durables Job
Consumer Durables Job

Marketing Manager:

You should know what you’re getting into before you take a job in the consumer durables industry. Budgeting and forecasting marketing campaigns is the most straightforward task a marketing manager will ever face.

In addition, they are responsible for submitting the finished campaigns for approval, collaborating with advertising agencies, taking part in negotiations, etc. The occupant of this office does a lot of work, even though marketing management is financially rewarding. Imagine reviewing TV commercials or online advertising materials, or preparing sales and ad contracts. Isn’t it hard? Despite the difficulty and exhaustion of the job, consumer durables marketing managers earn a median annual salary of $142,470.

Administrative Assistant:

An administrative assistant’s primary responsibility within an organization is to support the senior staff. In the amazing consumer durables field, administrative assistants also make good money. Candidates for this position should have effective verbal and communication skills. Administrative assistants are required to communicate information to their coworkers, take calls, write reports, set up meetings, and other tasks as part of their job duties. Therefore, having strong interpersonal relationships and good communication skills are prerequisites if you intend to apply for this position.

Account Manager:

In the fast-paced consumer durables industry, the role of the account manager is becoming increasingly important. Why? There are a lot of people who have the necessary credentials and experience to work as an accountant.

That’s why it appears that the consumer durables industry is where everyone wants to work if they want to make a good living wage. There is no cause for alarm if an account manager is seen juggling too many responsibilities, as this is typical of high-paying positions in the consumer durables industry. After all, they must focus on the customer’s worries about their account balance.
In other words, there will come a time when you have to play the role of salesperson, financial advisor, technical expert, etc.

Sales Representative:

It might be exciting to sell consumer goods for one of the big names in the industry. The consumer durables industry is a good fit for those with business or marketing degrees and excellent people and communication skills.

The primary responsibility of a sales representative, in comparison to other positions in the same field, is to promote the company’s products to potential buyers. Working as a go-between for the company and its potential customers, you’ll be an integral part of this role. A sales representative’s responsibilities also include prospecting new customers, gaining their trust and knowledge, and introducing them to the company’s products. A sales representative’s annual salary is estimated to be $86,250 at the top companies in the consumer durables industry.

What Do Consumer Durables Jobs Pay
What Do Consumer Durables Jobs Pay

What Are The Skills Required For These Jobs?

Without much Ado, we will discuss the skills required for a consumer durables job in this article on What do consumer durables job pay.

What are the skills required for consumer durables industry jobs? The skills required for consumer durables industry jobs vary depending on the position. However, some general skills are important for most positions in this industry. These include:

  • Strong communication skills: This is important for dealing with customers and sales staff.
  • Organizational skills: This industry deals with a lot of products and paperwork. Good organization skills are essential for keeping everything in order.
  • Detail oriented: This industry also requires a lot of attention to detail. This includes things like product specifications and quality control.
  • Problem-solving skills: There will inevitably be problems that arise in any business. Having strong problem-solving skills will help you deal with these issues quickly and effectively. These are just some of the skills that are important for consumer durables industry jobs. Depending on the specific position, there may be other skills that are required or preferred.
  • Customer service representatives need to have strong communication skills to deal with customers effectively. They also need to be detail-oriented to keep track of customer orders and product specifications. Sales staff need to be able to communicate effectively with customers and be knowledgeable about the products they are selling. They also need to be able to negotiate prices and close sales. Quality control personnel need to have a keen eye for detail to spot defects in products.
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What Are The Benefits Of Working In The Consumer Durables Industry?

The consumer durables industry offers several benefits for workers. First, the pay is generally good. Jobs in the consumer durables industry tend to be high-paying, and workers can often earn a comfortable wage.

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Second, the hours are often flexible. Many jobs in the consumer durables industry offer flexible hours, which can be a great benefit for workers with families or other commitments.

Third, the industry offers a variety of job opportunities. There are many different types of jobs available in the consumer durables industry, so workers can find an opportunity that best suits their skills and interests.

Finally, the industry is growing. The demand for consumer durables is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, so there should be plenty of job opportunities available for workers in the industry.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Getting a Job in Consumer Durables Industry?

The main drawback of working in the consumer durables industry is that it can be very cyclical. When the economy is doing well, consumers tend to spend more money on big-ticket items like new cars and appliances.

However, during economic downturns, spending on these items drops sharply. This can lead to layoffs and plant closings in the industry. another potential drawback of working in the consumer durables industry is that it is often subject to foreign competition.

Many of the products sold in this industry, such as televisions and washing machines, are made by companies based in other countries. This can make it difficult for domestic companies to compete on price. Finally, the consumer durables industry is also subject to changing technology. For example, the introduction of flat-screen TVs has led to a decline in sales of traditional tube-based TVs. As a result, companies in the industry have had to adapt or risk being left behind.

Despite these potential drawbacks, working in the consumer durables industry can be a rewarding experience. It is an important sector of the economy and provides good jobs for those who can find work in it.

Additionally, many companies in the industry are constantly innovating and introducing new products, which can keep workers on their toes. Finally, the industry offers good opportunities for career advancement for those who are willing to work hard and move up the ladder.


Is A Career In Consumer Durables Right For You? The consumer durables industry is a great place to work if you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career. There are many different career paths you can take within the industry, and the growth opportunities are endless. If you’re passionate about helping people improve their lives through better products and services, then a career in consumer durables is right for you.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. And if you’re looking for more information on careers be sure to check out our other articles in this series. Thanks for reading!

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