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What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay? (In 2023)

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What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay

What are Consumer Non-Durables?

Before we get into the main part of the article, What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay? It is necessary to provide a brief overview of consumer non-durables. So here you go.


The term “consumer non-durables” refers to a category of consumer items that are not designed to be used several times but are, rather, only meant to be used once before being thrown away. Products such as foodstuffs and cosmetics are two examples of items that are included in this category.

Jobs in the consumer non-durables sector that offer competitive salaries can be found in a wide variety of businesses, such as the manufacturing industry, the cosmetics industry, and the oil and gas industry, amongst others.

What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay

What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay

What Types of Jobs Are Available In The Consumer Non-Durables Industry?

Given the dramatic shifts that have taken place in the production sector over time, the consumer industry for non-durable goods has experienced meteoric growth. As a result of these shifts, a wide variety of businesses, including both small and large organizations, are entering the manufacture of consumer non-durable goods.

List of The Best Paying Jobs in the Consumer Non-Durables Industry

Those businesses that assumed the risk of diversifying into this area have seen and are continuing to see a profit as a result of their decision to do so. The positions listed below, however, offer some of the highest compensation in the consumer non-durables sector and can be found in a variety of businesses.

  • Chemical Technician
  • Pharmaceutical Workers
  • Food Production
  • Paper and Plastic Production
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product or Brand Manager

What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay?

You undoubtedly already know that positions in the consumer non-durables industry pay well, but you may be wondering how much exactly. So, if you’re interested in a career in consumer non-durables, read on to find out what it takes to get there and what kinds of positions pay the most.

Marketing Manager:

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Salespeople are under the direction and management of marketing managers. They are responsible for employee training as well as the development of sales and marketing strategies. Marketing managers are responsible for ensuring that products are sold and that customers are happy with their purchases.

The marketing manager of a firm is one of the most important people to a company’s overall success. As one climbs the corporate ladder, gaining experience and earning a degree of at least a bachelor’s is typically required to advance to the position of a marketing manager.

On the other hand, obtaining a management post does not necessitate possessing a bachelor’s degree. Even if you start in a more humble capacity, a career in marketing or management will put you in high demand no matter where you go.


If you are productive in your job, managerial positions will become available to you at some point in the future. Even if you start as a lowly marketing person, you will eventually be able to move on to more products, which is where the real money is. This is true even if you start as a marketing person.

A marketing career with entry-level responsibilities pays an annual salary of approximately $50,412 on average.

Machine Operators:

Food and drink are examples of non-durable goods that must be produced by machines; machine operators are needed to oversee the production process. High-quality output is ensured by carefully setting up, monitoring, and maintaining the devices.

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You may be responsible for fixing problems and maintaining the machinery you run. Experience in manufacturing or production is preferred but not needed for this position. Of course, certain companies favour candidates who have prior work experience in a manufacturing or production environment. After receiving training, you will be able to utilize every piece of equipment properly.

Workers in this industry can expect an annual salary of $30,000 to $50,000, depending on the nature of the position and the employer.


Oil Rig Workers:

Construction workers, maintenance workers, and repair workers are employed on oil rigs. They are responsible for a variety of jobs, including welding, painting, and operating heavy machines. There is no requirement for a degree to work on an oil rig.

You will, however, be required to successfully finish a training course to do so. Workers on oil rigs are responsible for the upkeep and repair of the rigs. If you choose not to continue your education after high school, you can still have a successful career.

Workers on oil rigs receive a salary of $52,140 per year on average, with some employees making as much as $100,000 per year. It’s not hard to understand why they pay so much for it. It is challenging, and nobody wants to do it, and there is a good reason for that. Because of this, it has a very high return.

Product Manager:

The tasks of a brand manager include ensuring that the company’s products, services, and product lines connect with the company’s existing or potential customers. They are required to stay up with the latest marketing trends and watch what their competitors are doing.

Brand managers are responsible for ensuring that the products, services, and product lines of their organization are aligned with the preferences of customers in addition to monitoring marketing trends and the behaviour of competitors.


The annual salary for a senior brand manager might reach a maximum of $65,647 if they are successful in their career.

Sales Representative:

A sales representative is an employee of a corporation who is responsible for selling the firm’s products or services. They are in charge of managing customer relationships and become the primary point of contact from the time a lead is contacted and the time a purchase is made. If you have the kind of disposition that gets along well with other people, a job as a sales representative could be an excellent option for you to consider.

As a sales representative, the most important thing for you to do is to persuade customers to purchase non-permanent products from your organization.
In the year 2022, a worker who is employed as a sales representative can normally earn a yearly salary of $62,070.

Industries With Consumer Non-Durables Jobs That Pay Well

Cosmetic Industry

Makeup is only one component of the larger cosmetics industry. This business includes the production of soaps, perfumes, and even personal care items such as shampoo and toilet paper, therefore it is reasonable to anticipate that consumers will require this market to continually produce goods for them. Chemical operations manager, cosmetic research scientist or makeup chemist, and quality operations manager are the roles that pay the most for their work at the company.

Food Production Industry

The food business is the only industry that can truly compete with its counterparts. As a direct result of this fact, there are always opportunities available to work in a wide variety of occupations that offer a good wage. In some fields, such as food science, product design, food value chain and logistics, or even logistics, having a degree might position you at the top of the pay range.

In the food production industry, high-paying occupations include food scientists, food managers, product designers, quality and food safety directors, florists, value chain and logistics specialists, and directors of quality and food safety.

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Oil and Gas Industry


I doubt I must remind you that the oil and gas industry offers the highest wages in the non-durable goods sector. The oil and gas sector, like many others that produce non-durable goods, produces and sells gasoline for its intended consumers to use immediately.

Due to its capacity to employ a sizable workforce, the manufacturing sector necessitates a great many specialized professionals, such as engineers, IT specialists, marketers, sales representatives, brand specialists, production employees, etc.

Engineers come in many forms, and they’re all essential to running efficiently. It takes a sizable team just in IT to keep all of the company’s communications on the right track.

The marketing section is as well. The sales team is typically in charge of overseeing the distribution of gasoline to the audience. Looking at the departments listed above, one is confident that there will be openings for high-paying positions in the oil and gas industry.

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company

Without a shred of doubt, a man cannot live a healthy and respectable life without the assistance of medication. Both humans and animals, regardless of their state of health, needs need it. In light of the foregoing, one will inevitably conclude that the conclusion that the manufacturing of drugs is an extremely important industry that man will unquestionably continue to support regularly regular basis.

In addition, the pharmaceutical business provides employment opportunities for people working in a diverse range of jobs, such as researchers and analysts, lab specialists, manufacturing labourers, and other positions. According to the information provided by, the median amount of money earned by experts that produce drugs is $24 per hour or $168 in 7 hours; this equates to $840 per week and $3,360 per month.

Farm Goods & Agricultural Equipment Production

Products and machinery for the agricultural sector are also examples of the evergreen industry. This sector does not involve the manufacturing of agricultural equipment; however, it does include the production of non-durable commodities such as fertilizers, insecticides, and other agricultural chemical products.

Workers in the consumer non-durables sector who are employed by companies that create farming equipment typically earn an annual income of $68,000. Jobs in the fields of agricultural biochemistry, environmental engineering, agricultural law, agricultural operations management, and agricultural economics are among the highest-paying positions in the consumer non-durable goods market.

Footwear Industry

Employment opportunities in the textile and leather goods sector are expected to be among the highest paying in the consumer non-durables sector. The shoe industry, which is often referred to as the footwear industry, encompasses everything that is involved in the production, distribution, and creation of footwear. There are a lot of intricate relationships between people’s preferences, how things are manufactured, and the fashion industry.

What Are The Skills Required For These Jobs?

To find a job in the field of consumer non-durables, you should:

  • Hold a diploma from an accredited high school or higher.
  • Be able to collaborate effectively with other people.
  • Rely on your internal drive.

The following are examples of soft skills that would be beneficial to have if you were working in this sector:

  • Excellent communication skills: Because you will be working with other employees as well as management, having effective communication skills is essential
  • Leadership Ability: Whether you can lead others in a management-based role or not, that is a fantastic skill to have, especially if you are pursuing a leadership position within the business either now or in the future. If you can lead others in a management-based position or not.
  • Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s capacity to regulate their feelings and build meaningful connections with other people through social interaction.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In The Consumer Non-Durables Industry?

People’s primary worry and curiosity led them to wonder: Why do so many people choose to work for consumer non-durables firms? Aside from the obvious high income, there are numerous advantages to working in this industry.

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The truth is that perhaps this question does not have a simple solution. Sure, there may be some drawbacks, but overall, it’s a decent place to work.

Based on the premise presented above, the following are some of the factors that we believe may be pushing people to look for career possibilities in the consumer non-durables industry:

Career Advancement:

These kinds of businesses typically require their employees to participate in a variety of forms of training to guarantee that their staff members are up to date and capable of becoming future administrators. These stages of training are designed to help individuals achieve their full potential and become the best versions of themselves.

Additionally, working with them can provide sufficient growth opportunities, which will broaden your horizons within the field that you have chosen. Last but not least, they have the opportunity to work for the company overseas, which will earn them a reputation on an international scale.

Attractive Salary:

Many of the professions available in this industry pay well and come with a competitive total compensation package that includes benefits, bonuses, and other perks in addition to the salary.

Easy Application:

There are numerous jobs in the large consumer non-durables industries, and there aren’t any better places to look. Jobseekers with the right qualifications should have little trouble finding work at companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. This, among other things, should encourage everyone who meets the criteria to apply for a position at the organization rather than anywhere else.

Very Attractive Financial And Intrinsic Incentives:

When applying for positions in consumer non-durable industries, this is another important consideration that prospective employees have in mind. The majority of industries that produce non-durable consumer goods on a broad scale offer lucrative opportunities.

They provide actual rewards to their employees when they perform well in their jobs. Keep in mind that the level of salary offered in this sector is not the primary factor that makes the firm deserving of consideration. There are a variety of other aspects, such as exporting them to other countries and advertising them, that contribute to the position’s suitability for an open-minded individual who has a passion for working in the production industry.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Getting a Job in Consumer Non-Durables Industry?

Yes, as much as working in the consumer non-durable industry has its advantages, there are some disadvantages. The following are some of the drawbacks of working in the consumer non-durables industry:

High Educational Requirements:

The majority of the consumer non-durable occupations shared are professional careers that demand a  degree and/or work experience. These high levels of education and/or experience are necessary for many different types of jobs. There are positions available for those with no experience in this sector, but the higher-paying careers are going to be reserved for those who already have experience in the field.

No Flexibility:

The majority of careers in the consumer non-durables industry are focused on working in a manufacturing facility, factory, or office setting. Your possibilities for working remotely may be limited.

Stress and Pressure:

Work that is stressful and takes place in an environment with a lot of pressure: High salaries in this sector sometimes come at the expense of work that is stressful and takes place in an environment with a lot of pressure. These are two unsettling factors that can lead to job dissatisfaction and burnout.

You will need to take a comprehensive look at the situation to determine whether or not the consumer’s non-durable career path you are interested in has acceptable benefits that outweigh the drawbacks.


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