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10 Best Universities to Study in Australia

Australia is home to most of the high ranking universities in the world university ranking. Students chose to study in Australia because of the high standard of education in their universities. Education is the bedrock of every society, which is why universities in Australia are dedicated to providing quality education and international students who desire to study abroad can be rest assured of geeting value. In this article, we will look at ten best universities to study in Australia and the programs available for students.

Best Universities to Study in Australia


The universities listed below were chosen based on three criterias:

  1. Academic reputation
  2. Internationalization
  3. Student experience

1. University of Melbourne

The first university on our list of best universities to study in Australia is the university of Melbourne. This Institution of Melbourne is an Australian public research university that was founded in 1853. There are 280,000 alumni globally, with 47,000 students and 6,500 employees (about 15 per cent of whom live outside Australia). Furthermore, the University of Melbourne has around 12,000 foreign students. Furthermore, the institution is a prominent research university with research funding. This institution’s researchers are on the cutting edge of worldwide fellowships in fields such as human rights legislation, climate change, telecommunications, and medical research. Professor Peter Doherty, a Nobel laureate, and award-winning Professor Peter Singer both teach at the University of Melbourne.

2. James Cook University

James Cook University is an Australian public and research university in North Queensland. The university’s major campuses are in Singapore’s tropical towns of Cairns and Townsville. JCU has about 100 students, including over 5,000 foreign students from 18,000 countries. International students can choose from over 300 programs at James Cook University. Undergraduate tuition at James Cook University is AUD 16,872. The undergraduate study abroad cost, on the other hand, is AUD 12,900 each semester. The cost of graduate school study abroad is AUD 14,450 each semester.

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3. University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide, was founded in 1874. It is a public university in Adelaide, South Australia. This institution is one of Australia’s oldest universities and is located in Australia’s most liveable city.  Adelaide has 25,000 students, with foreign students from more than 100 countries accounting for around 30% of the population. The institution has campuses in South Australia and, through cooperation with the Ngee Ann-Adelaide Education Center, a bachelor’s degree program in Singapore. Among the school’s illustrious graduates are 110 Nobel laureates and Rhodes scholars. They include Julia Girard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister, and Robin Warren, who co-discovered a relationship between the bacteria Helicobacter pylori (H.-pylori) and gastrointestinal ulcers.

Best Universities to Study in Australia

4. Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU) is an Australian national research university based in Canberra. ANU was formed by an Act of Parliament in 1946 and has been regarded as one of the world’s best universities. The ANU provides over 300 programs throughout its ten faculty and departments, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. According to the QS World University Rankings 2018, the ANU College also placed first for its graduate studies program in law and second for its undergraduate engineering program among all institutions worldwide.

5. University of Canberra

TheUniversity of Canberra is the next on our list of best university to study in Australia. It is an Australian public university located in Bruce, Canberra. With a high academic standard, the University of Canberra is one of Australia’s finest universities for international students who wish to study in Australia. Because of these strong academic requirements, students in most areas can gain hands-on experience before graduation. Employers in Australia and throughout the world are always interested in their graduate students. Canberra’s more than 600 million alumni hold high positions in Australia and other nations’ professional, business, and government services.

6. University of Queensland


The Institution of Queensland is an Australian public research university located in Brisbane. It is one of the states of Queensland’s oldest and most distinguished institutions where internatonal student cand study and o= It was founded in 1909 by the state legislature and was Australia’s third university outside of a big city, following Sydney and Melbourne. The University of Queensland has developed from a tiny collection of buildings with 100 students and three academic staff to a huge institution with over 50,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and over 2,500 academic employees. The main campus is in St Lucia, southwest of Brisbane’s CBD. Graduates from UQ often have greater employment rates six months following graduation than graduates from other Australian institutions. UQ alumni are also more likely to continue their education at other colleges throughout the world.

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7. Monash University

The Next University that would feature on this list is Monash University, This university is considered to be part of the best universities to study in Australia because they have the greatest student population among all universities in Australia. It has around 65,000 students, 22,100 of whom are students of various nationalities. It is the country’s second most international university. Monash is located in Melbourne, one of the nicest places in the world to live. However, it also has campuses in other countries, making it one of Australia’s institutions with the biggest worldwide footprint. It has been recognized for its research and innovation efforts since it boasts one of Australia’s major research facilities. Monash University is renowned across the world for its consistent contributions to science. Its arts faculty is highly regarded and well-known across the world.

10 Best Universities to Study in Australia

10 Best Universities to Study in Australia

8. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is one of Australia’s most respected universities, no wonder it made it to the best university for international students to study in Australia. It is considered among the top 100 institutions in the world and has a global reputation for excellence in research and teaching. The University of Sydney is one of the world’s best institutions to study abroad., with a reputation built on high levels of research production, strong partnerships with business, and a dedication to equality. With approximately 10,000 students from more than 120 countries, the university offers an international perspective. It has almost 400 undergraduate programs, 140 postgraduate programs, and 300 research programs.

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9. New South Wales University

The Institution of New South Wales (UNSW) is a public research university in Sydney, Australia. UNSW provides a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the arts, engineering, and sciences. The main campus is located in the neighbourhood of Kensington, Sydney, seven kilometres from the city centre. Multiple worldwide rankings have named it one of the world’s best colleges.

10. The University of Western Australia

Lastly on 10 best universities to study in Australia is the university of Western Australia (UWA). This University is an Australian public research university based in Perth. It was founded in 1911 and is the state’s fourth-oldest university. UWA has six campuses: three in Perth, one in Mount Claremont, one in Nedlands, and one in Albany, and each year it provides over 500 programs to over 42,000 students. The University of Western Australia provides a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Final Note

The university ranking system is not flawless, but it does provide information about the quality of education and research available at an institution. It is difficult to locate the greatest universities in Australia. Several colleges provide good coursework and research possibilities. However, many do not live up to their reputation and instead provide a substandard education. This article has introduced you to the top ten universities in Australia based on a variety of characteristics such as course offers, student-faculty ratio, employer reputation, and so on.


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